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Why Should the Hotel Internet Speed Be Flawless?

20 Nov, 2021

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The Importance of a Flawless Hotel Internet Speed

In the 21st century, the hotel Internet speed is an essential part of the guest experience because it is no longer reduced simply to the service offered in the room or at the table, and in Costa Rica, as a favorite tourist destination in the world, it is even more important. And, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that this month Costa Rica was awarded by Wanderlust magazine as the third most desired country to visit by international travelers. And the fact is that its wonderful landscapes, the warmth of its people and the opportunity to connect with nature attract everybody. Now more than ever, the hotel industry needs to offer the best service to its guests.

The tourism sector is slowly starting to reactivate after almost 20 months of pause due to the pandemic.

Did you know that in Costa Rica, this sector generates at least 6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?

If you are part of this industry, read on and we’ll tell you why it is necessary to have an excellent Internet connection in your facilities, and some tips to achieve it.

There is no doubt that we are seeing how tourists are getting back to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica thanks to the efforts that have been implemented to activate the industry, such as the Costa Rica Covid-19 Free Accommodation certification. Do you already have it? This certification offers peace of mind to guests and hotel employees. Whether it’s a small bed and breakfast or a large 5-star hotel. The certification guarantees that certain protocols are followed such as vaccination of tenants and internal staff, proper disinfection of hotel rooms and common areas, social distance, among others.


hotel Internet speed costa rica

Why is a flawless Internet connection needed in the hotel industry?

We know that as part of the hotel industry, you understand that thousands of families depend on it, since travelers not only stay in hotels but also engage in tourist activities in the surrounding area. It is a relief to see how this sector of economy, which only brings joy and enjoyment to everyone’s life, is being revived. But now hotels must strive to offer the best services to their users and thus make them want to return, and without a doubt, one of the main demands of travelers is to have a good Internet connection, since many of them need to stay connected with their work activities, friends, families and their online banking services.


hotel WiFi connection needs costa rica

Guests’ connectivity needs are constantly increasing

When it comes to choosing an accommodation, a good Internet connection is one of the most important variables. Having a quality wireless connection will help you build customer loyalty. And if you look at it in perspective, the installation and setup of this service represents a low investment compared to the economic benefits it can bring you.

Several studies indicate that the features that guests currently appreciate the most are air conditioning, a good hotel WiFi connection and the gastronomic offer. It is no longer enough to offer free WiFi, now you need to ensure that it is high quality and with enough speed to cover all areas of the hotel and guarantee the security of your guests.

If beyond accommodation, your hotel offers common areas, conference rooms and events, you need to have the right technology that meets the connection needs of both your staff and your customers.

According to TripAdvisor, users are currently leaving in their ratings and opinions a score about the quality of connection in hotels, which can influence the decisions of other readers to attend or not to attend your hotel. In fact, the hotels with high speed Internet are given the best reviews by tourists, and the hotels with a poor Wi-Fi connection get the worst reviews.

Besides, a good planning of your Internet connection can help you define different connection permissions, partially controlling the speed of your users and optimizing your network service.


hotel internet service 5 stars costa rica

WiFi network and fiber optics, your allies for a 5-star service.

WiFi connection allows you to access broadband Internet. Usually, these connections are designed so that the download capacity is higher than the upload capacity. In this case, WiFi connection is ideal for your customers, since Internet end users usually receive more information than what they send online.

WiFi network will allow you to connect more people with good speed, but without the same speed as fiber optics, which is a thin glass or fused silicon wire and its function is to conduct light. With fiber optics, data is transmitted much faster and in a much more stable manner, since it is not affected by interference. It is ideal for transmitting and receiving video, sound and visual data, key to the interconnection between your common areas and your staff.

Unlike WiFi speed, with fiber optics you will have the possibility of using the full speed that you contract with your provider, while with a hotel WiFi connection, we depend on a variety of interferences that have to do with traffic and peak usage of users.


hotel wifi network tips costa rica

Keep the following tips in mind in order to offer the best Internet connection in your hotel

At our company Access Point we have years of experience advising clients in the hotel industry. Thus, as our main advice, we suggest you to put yourself in expert hands. You can schedule an appointment here if you want. First of all, it is important to do an inspection of your facilities so that we can identify what you need. Here are some things you can’t miss:

  1. Detect areas where there are Internet connection peaks, such as common areas, halls or convention rooms. In these strategic points you should have equipment to ensure that there is no interference or connection drops.
  2. Configure your network so that all clients have access to a minimum and maximum use of your network. This way no one will be able to make excessive use of the resource. For example, making heavy downloads.
  3. A professional router is key to your facilities as it will help you manage the integration between the Internet cabling and your wireless network.
  4. Don’t forget to integrate a firewall to protect your network from external attacks. The security of your data is worth gold.
  5. Separate the public network from the internal network (workers, logistics, management) This way you reinforce the security of your data even more and ensure that your staff is not exposed to any kind of interference that could hinder daily activities such as receiving payments or managing reservations.
  6. Monitor your network. After having made a pertinent evaluation and properly installed your Internet service, it is key that you constantly review its operation. This way you will be able to detect areas of opportunity that will allow you to improve over time.
  7. To avoid unfortunate situations, it is ideal that you implement an acceptable use policy through which your users confirm that they will comply with the Internet usage rules defined by your hotel.

Thanks to digital transformation, we now have in our hands the opportunity to offer high-quality experiences to our customers. And in an industry as competitive as the hotel industry, a quality Internet connection can make all the difference in building guest loyalty and getting quality recommendations.

We have the service you that need:

At Access Point Corp, we want you to offer the best service in order to see you grow. We are experts in optimizing the speed of your Internet service. We cover cabling, UTP, fiber optics, WiFi, Ethernet, and we take care of the planning, installation, and equipment maintenance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Apart from optimizing your network, we offer a wide range of services that you can’t miss, such as VPN implementation, Domotics, cibersecurity, and much more. Remember that we are available 24/7. Check out our services here!

Aside from Internet connectivity, hotels are taking advantage of available technologies to enhance their guests’ experience. Services such as virtual check-in, quality attention in social networks or digital keys are present in several hotel packages. Have you implemented any of these?

Don’t miss the digital step that your hotel needs! Did you know that according to a study, 44% of people would pay more money if they stay in a hotel that is well equipped both digitally and technologically?


If you have any questions about how to start improving the connection in your hotel, home or business, leave them in the comments!

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