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Ask for an IT consultancy and discover all the potential that your business offers at the level of technology.

Network Status Check

Could you get a faster Internet service? Probably yes!

We strategically distribute the wiring to achieve full coverage. At the same time, we place equipment in strategic locations to extend the Wi-Fi signal.

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Wi-Fi Heat Maps

At Access Point, we make a study of the available coverage of your wireless network and optimize it so that the signal remains stable and reaches all areas of your organization.

Equipment Status

Make sure that all your equipment is working properly and most importantly that its full potential is well utilized! We perform maintenance and cleaning of equipment such as data centers to extend their useful life.

Equipment status and maintenance
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Advice on Migrating to The Cloud

Your company’s information is worth gold, and you should treat it like a treasure. Migrating to the Cloud and maintaining a backup on the cloud allows you to access any information that is lost in a matter of seconds. Is your business a candidate for this process?
Let us find out!

Let us help you determine what is best for your organization

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