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Full speed Internet for Latitud 10

Latitud 10 is an exclusive resort located in Costa Rica, which seeks to offer the best experience to its customers and part of this is to provide them with good connectivity.

Why did they look for us? Our client had poor connectivity, even though they were paying for a 500 megabytes plan with an internet service provider; they wanted to know why their connection was slow.

Full speed Internet costa rica

The AP Solution

Our team detected that, out of the 500 megabytes they were paying for, they were only optimizing 90, this was due to poor connectivity of the equipment, which meant that the bandwidth was not working properly. We repaired and distributed the cabling correctly and installed Access Point with more power in each room, achieving that each device connects with speeds of 500 megabytes.


The AP Plus

Observing the opportunities for improvement at Latitud 10, we decided to enable a roaming system so that devices could stay connected from anywhere in the resort, and we installed IP cameras in some points of the property so that the staff could improve the security of the establishment.
Fiber Optic installation costa rica


Connected home, happy home: Fiber Optic installation for Terra Pacifica:

Terra Pacífica is a condominium of more than 20 hectares of surface, which seeks to provide excellent amenities and services to its residents.

Why did they look for us? Their Internet provider recommended us directly to do what seemed as an impossible mission: to install fiber optic networks throughout the property and thus, ensure Internet connection throughout the condominium.

The AP solution

We installed a fiber optic ring of more than 3 kilometers giving connectivity to each of the houses, in addition to this, we left a connection Nap at certain points of the property so that the internet provider could offer the service throughout the condominium.

The AP plus

We accompanied our clients throughout the process, presenting them with three network design proposals, and explaining in detail the operation of the installed technology, all to ensure the best service.


Lapa Rios: Biodiverse paradise, 100% connected to Internet

Lapa Ríos is a NatGeo hotel located in Costa Rica, positioned as one of the best in Central America, which offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the biodiversity of our region very closely, but not for that reason, they must be disconnected from the Internet 😉

Why did they look for us? ¡Simple! They wanted to offer an excellent Internet service in all the hotel rooms.

casos de éxito conexion internet 100 costa rica

AP Solution

When we realized that the rooms and common areas are distant from each other, we decided to install a fiber optic network, achieving an excellent internet connection for each room; so, we proceeded to reach each room with fiber optics and install an Access Point in each of them.
    Success Stories Smarthome costa rica


    Turning the Johnson House into a Smarthome

    Why did they come to us? This client was looking to take 100% advantage of technology to turn their home into a smarthome. The goal is that everything would be connected to the network, from the outlets, lights, pool, shower, doors, sound and much more, and that everything could be controlled from digital devices.

    The AP Solution

    First of all, we were able to provide 24/7 internet service for this client, regardless of any failure of the external internet company, through the development of a SD WAN. In addition, we equipped the entire space with a Wi-Fi network system of high technology and high speed navigation, with perfect coverage throughout the house, which is large in size.

    The AP Plus

    Seeking to offer a 360 experience to our clients, we installed a high-end Sonos sound system throughout the house, in addition to security cameras and a sophisticated alarm system.

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