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What Are Smart Homes and Home Automation?

12 Oct, 2021

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Smart homes. Where to Start?


Understanding what smart homes are, their advantages, and how they work

In simple terms, Smart Homes are the homes of the future. You probably remember movies such as Back to The Future, or TV shows like The Jetsons in which smart lights would turn on when the owners said so, a robot was in charge of cleaning (smart home automation), and security systems were almost infallible thanks to technology. Well, the future is here. For some years now smart homes have become part of everyday life.

What is a smart home and how does it work?

First, let’s understand what a smart home is. A smart home is the type of home that is automated to offer greater comfort and efficiency to those who live in it. In order to achieve this goal, smart homes integrate different technologies to automate daily chores such as cleaning, lighting, or internal temperature control (smart thermostat). Their purpose is Domotics, in other words, intelligent control and automation of homes. These spaces are interconnected through smart devices and sensors that execute actions automatically or on demand in your home via Internet.

Smart homes go far beyond having security cameras or turning lights on and off with voice control commands. These days, software is so sophisticated that it allows a smart home device to learn about the habits of their users and start recommending services that will make them feel much more comfortable thanks to artificial intelligence.

Advantages of smart homes and how they improve your life

The reasons why people purchase smart houses widely vary. Smart homes are ideal for users who want to reduce their carbon footprint and need a better security system. Having a smart home sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Now let’s learn a little more in depth about the benefits of turning your home into a smart home.

smart home security costa rica

1. Superior Home Security

Security in smart homes is great because you can know exactly what is going on in your home and get real-time alerts about any incidents. This is done through the inter-connectivity between the smart devices in your home and a good service of security cameras, and sensors connected directly to your cell phone. Besides, you can even implement safety smart locks for your stove that will automatically turn it off if necessary, and avoid dangers such as leaving the stove or oven on, which can generate fires, gas leaks, among others.


connected smart devices costa rica

2. Interconnected House

The productivity of your home can be greatly improved by having different interconnected smart devices. If your lighting, TV, speakers, and security system are interconnected, the benefits that will come will surely improve your quality of life. As an example, you will be able to remotely control air conditioning, program the time you want the lights to turn on from anywhere in the world, and check the security cameras at any time. In the long run, all this will help you save money and time.


smart house accessibility costa rica

3. Greater Accessibility

Smart home technology offers new opportunities for people with limited abilities. Some smart buildings and homes allow people with physical impairments to use the bathroom without assistance and to access drawers or open doors. This is possible thanks to activated accessibility devices such as screen readers, motion sensors, or voice control systems.


Smart Home Space Customization costa rica

4. Home Space Customization

Smart home products can be adjusted to follow your needs and preferences. For example, a smart mirror can give you the right lighting for whatever you are doing or whatever time of day it is, and a smart thermostat can adapt to the weather conditions of the moment, giving you the greatest comfort.

Go for it!

These are just some of the benefits of having a smart house. At Access Point, we are experts in the implementation of smart home devices and interconnections that will make your home a space that adapts to your likes and needs while you optimize all the processes that occur in it. We have extensive experience fulfilling the dreams of our customers, providing their spaces with the best smart home tech. Schedule a personalized assessment with us!

Smart homes are just the first step for what is to come at a technological level in the future. Governments are gradually planning to have smart cities: smart buildings and cities in which technology is used to work in favor of their inhabitants and improve their quality of life.

Did you know that by 2050, 85% of the population is expected to live in smart cities? These will be focused, in part, on protecting the environment by intelligently using the energy spent by each of their inhabitants in their daily activities. In addition, in terms of mobility, there will be electric vehicles and charging zones, and many other changes are in the pipeline!

How do you imagine a smart city? Do you think there are smart homes in Costa Rica? Tell us in the comments section!


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