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At Access Point, we offer serveral IT Management services in en Costa Rica:


Network Infrastructure costa rica

Network Infrastructure


We keep you connected and we optimize the speed of your Internet service, including the interconnection between different offices. We cover Wiring, UTP, Fiber optics, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Data center, servers, Routing & Switching.

IP Telephony costa rica

IP Telephony


We are IP Telephony providers in Costa Rica. But, what is IP telephony? It is a technology that allows you to have free calls between your business IP phones, ideal for companies with more than one branch office. We are experts in this IP telephony technology that integrates voice and data communications into a single network.

Virtualization costa rica



A fundamental step for the digital transformation of your business. At Access Point, we establish virtual systems that are supported from a computer, and offer you advantages such as keeping your operation running without interruptions, access to your company’s information from remote computers, and saving space and electricity.

VPN services costa rica



The benefits of a VPN will definitely give a plus to your business: Ideal for teleworking by allowing your employees to connect to your network and access equipment as if they were in the office. It simultaneously interconnects several locations or businesses through the Internet, maintaining the privacy of your IP, and avoiding geographic blocks to access content, and much more.

cibersecurity costa rica

Cyber Security


Did you know that 76% of businesses reported being victims of phishing attacks in the last year? It is very important that you take care of your information and equipment. AP detects and prevents unauthorized use of your computer system, applying the appropriate cyber security strategy and measures for your business.

Network Monitoring services costa rica

Network Monitoring


The network is the core of your IT system, it is necessary to constantly review it in order to optimize it, update it and obtain detailed information about its status. In this way, a thorough knowledge of the errors will allow us to avoid repeating the same mistake again.

Backups costa rica



With the digital transformation, the amount of data and information we generate grows immeasurably. We manage the storage of your valuable information in the cloud. We store all from your administrative operation, to the valuable data that your small or medium company wants to ensure.

Automation Domotics Lot costa rica

Automation / Domotics / Lot


From automating your business processes so that your staff can focus on activities that provide more value, to setting up a smart home system so that you can control all the functions of your home from your cell phone. You can count on our automation service to enjoy the comforts that digital transformation brings.

IT Management in Costa Rica IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing


Leave your IT service in expert hands, we have the ability to manage all your technology, ensuring our availability 24/7 and commitment to enhance the benefits of your business through the proper use of your IT services.

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