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What Is a VPN? Types and How It Works

19 Oct, 2021

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Everything you need to know before starting to use a VPN

We are sure that at some point a friend who is curious about technology has recommended that you use a VPN to be able to watch TV shows available in other countries, for example. If you are curious and want to use one but you are hesitant, in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about VPNs and the great benefits they can bring to your company. Keep reading!

What is a VPN?

This is an Internet anonymization and security measure that has become popular as a result of the cyber-attacks that are becoming more and more frequent.

Its acronym stands for Virtual Private Network, and technically a VPN is a private network that allows you to connect through a public network such as the Internet. A connection will help you to interconnect multiple devices so that they can exchange data with each other as well as protecting your browsing’s privacy, among many other benefits.

It could be described as a secure tunnel that connects your devices to the Internet, protecting you against censorship, spying, and interference. Thanks to a VPN, your online traffic will pass through an encrypted tunnel to which no one will have a remote access, not even governments or your Internet service provider!

They are usually VPN applications that you download to your cell phone, smart TV, computer or tablet and will not interfere with any of your daily activities such as working, chatting, playing video games, or watching movies. So you can enjoy the Internet with the confidence of knowing that your privacy is protected.

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How does a VPN work?

Your VPN service connects to a secure VPN . This way, your Internet traffic will no longer be accessible, and its final destination cannot be identified, not allowing the websites you visit to see your IP address. They will only recognize the IP address of the VPN server.

And what are the top VPN Service benefits?

These are sone of the VPN connection advantages:

1. Remote connection:

You can connect your entire company through a Private Network. This will allow your staff to connect to your protect your data, as they will be secure on your VPN network. This resource will allow all members of your team to have a remote access to all the information and resources that your company is looking to share with them, but keep in mind that you can have special privacy options and decide which team members will have access to certain data.

Due to the information exchange that often occurs in companies, with third parties, clients or other people, VPNs play an important role in preventing unknown people from being able to access the company’s IP address and track your downloads.

2. Skip some restrictions

Some Internet providers have certain restrictions on the transfer of files or personal information of their users, as well as some websites, applications, and online services, that in exchange for some minor benefits, end up accessing your data. With a Virtual Private Network you will be able to protect all your information, since your initial provider will not have access to your data.

3. Get rid of borders!

By using a VPN connection, you would be able to access websites that are not available in your country, so that you can watch movies, YouTube content, or other platforms that are not available in your geographic location for some reason. That is why the term “Best VPN for Netflix” is one of the most searched keywords by Latin America users.

Besides, if you are a fan of online gaming, with a VPN service you will be able to play with friends from other countries, while protecting yourself from DDoS attacks, among others.

4. Cheaper flights!

Some airlines change their flight prices according to the cost of living in the countries from which they are purchased. Therefore, by using a Virtual Private Network, you can exclude this information so that you can find the most competitive prices for your flights.

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Is a VPN connection safe to use?

It all sounds great, but is it a secure connection? The information about what you do on the Internet is redirected through the servers of your VPN provider. For this reason, your provider may see everything you do. This is why at our company Access Point, we recommend that you look for a reliable VPN provider. You can leave it in our hands!  We have the expertise to offer you the best and most secure solution.

We would like to share some of the qualities of a trustworthy provider with you

First of all, it will be transparent about its privacy policy. It will avoid storing your personal data in its systems. It will demonstrate that it has been independently audited, and through its messages you will realize that it values digital freedom and privacy on the Internet.

Before using a VPN Service, we recommend that you:

  • Don’t go for free VPN versions, use a paid VPN instead
  • Explore the service and the VPN service provider in detail
  • Check reviews of VPN software services or apps

What type of data can be protected with a VPN?

We know that your organization’s data is precious, so protecting it by keeping the information in your network with an encrypted connection is key to preventing third parties from getting hold of information that is important to you.

As for your day-to-day activities, we ask you: Have you ever surfed through a public WiFi network? These networks found in airports, restaurants, shopping malls, or other establishments can access your browsing history. Besides, public WiFi networks are often used by hackers, who can easily access your data through them. By using a VPN, you can prevent this information from being used by third parties thanks to the analysis they perform on clandestine Wi-Fi networks.

Without a doubt, a VPN client is an ideal option for travelers or remote employees. If you are constantly on the move, invest in one!

VPN Types, What VPN works best for me?

1. Corporate VPN

If you need your organization’s remote employees to connect securely to the Internet, as if they were physically in the office, a corporate VPN is ideal for you. The business VPN is designed to protect the company’s privacy and data with a secure remote access, and not precisely that of its employees on a personal level.

2. Commercial VPN

The commercial VPN is for personal use and you can have privacy and security over all your online activities. They usually have a cost and, as mentioned above, it is ideal that you do not use a free VPN. These can be easy to use on all your mobile devices, you can find them as by searching for “VPN app” or “mobile VPN”, to protect sensitive activities like online banking or messaging with a VPN encryption.

What other aspects should I bear in mind about VPNs?

1. Hire a professional service

If you want to have a corporate VPN, it is important to be aware that although some may seem easy to configure, if you do so without the ideal professional assistance, you may have problems with the protection of shared IP addresses, or the protection of server locations in various countries.  Our recommendation is that you rely on professionals with experience in this corporate network area. At Access Point, we are experts in this VPN technology service, contact us!

2. Internet speed and energy

As with any application, VPNs can consume a certain amount of energy on your devices, draining the battery more quickly. For this reason, we recommend a proper professional configuration, in order to optimize these features. On the other hand, all VPNs can slow down your Internet connection. However, at AP we take care of configuring them so that users do not notice the difference.

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¿How do I connect to a VPN>?

It’s very simple! Once you choose your VPN provider, you can start using the service by installing an app on your different devices. You will have the option to set your security preferences and you’re ready to go.

It sure is! Many government organizations and public institutions currently use them to protect themselves from attacks, and your company can greatly increase its productivity and IT security by using a VPN. To sum up, it is not illegal to use it, as long as all actions carried out through it are legal.

Now that you know more about the what VPN technology is, how it works, and the benefits it can offer your organization and your personal life, would you like to use one? Schedule a meeting with us!

¿Do you have more questions about VPNs? Leave them in the comments!


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