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6 Useful IT Trends of 2022 That Will Skyrocket Your Business

23 Aug, 2022

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When was the last time that you updated your team and digital infrastructure according to recent IT trends? Today at Access Point, we want to offer you a practical guide with the latest IT innovations that can help you boost productivity, optimize processes and save money. As we already know, the world is going through an economic crisis, and it comes in handy to find effective solutions that can help us do more with less.

First, let’s remember or clarify some concepts. Do you know what IT is and what an IT team does on a daily basis? If you know the answers to these questions, slide down right to the technology trends!

IT is short for Information Technology, and it encapsulates everything related to the study, design, work, development, support, and maintenance of computer systems. Your IT team must be qualified to cover everything related with information and communication technologies, from innovation and software creation and new technologies to software and hardware installation and maintenance. At Access Point, we are IT experts, and we put at your disposal more than 10 years of experience in this sector with the best results.

Within an IT team, it is common to find software developers, network administrators, system & databases programmers, and specialized personnel on technical support. As our society increasingly functions around technology, it is important that you have professional IT guidance so that you don’t get left behind, join the digital transformation and, most importantly, improve the efficiency of your business.

Now, let’s dive deep into the IT innovations that can definitely boost your business during what is left of the year:

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1. E-commerce is here to stay, become an expert!

Have you bought something online in the past year? Besides plane tickets, surely and like hundreds of thousands of people, you have started to make several purchases online. Numerous businesses that had not started their e-commerce shops had to implement emergency strategies to be updated and keep selling their products. This is why, if you have not started with e-commerce yet, you should seek advice from experts in the matter. Make sure that your e-commerce strategy includes technological tools like chatbots or tokens that allow you to offer an integral and personalized service to your clients, while you also collect data.

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2. Automation and Artificial Intelligence

One is of the latest technology trends for 2022 is Automation and AI. Allowing algorithms and emerging technologies to learn about their user’s behaviors is an effort to create automatic processes and efficient answers that make people’s lives easier. Artificial Intelligence (or A.I. for its acronym in English), and machine learning can be implemented in all industries and types of businesses, from the health industry to customer service.  Its goal is to develop automatic learning techniques to get classification rules and store large amounts of data, this service is of great value to any type of client.

Functions like intelligent document recognition, for instance, are a part of the artificial intelligence benefits, creating digital receipts can become a big innovation for your company, reducing outside expenses. Oracle has implemented intelligent document recognition which has helped scan and inform transactions, verifying its legitimacy.

Updating your team with artificial intelligence knowledge will help you to offer automatization solutions to your legal, finances, and software team. Besides, artificial intelligence developments can automate the execution of daily tasks that are usually made by people, allowing them to use their potential in other areas that require analysis.

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3. All the information in a safe place: The cloud

It is real! You can move your company to the cloud, this is one of the new tech trends that has become incredibly popular this year. Cloud computing can help you, especially if you own a local business. With this tech advance, you will reduce storage costs and software updates, and also you can improve digital security for your company.

If you want to know everything about cybersecurity and how to apply it to your workplace, go to our cybersecurity guide. In 2022, investing in your company’s cybersecurity is not an option, although data privacy policies have improved over the years, cyberattacks are still very frequent. At Access Point, we are technology professionals and experts in reinforcing your digital security in order to help you avoid future headaches on this front.

Information theft can simply end your company, that is why prevention is fundamental, given that this is not just a problem that big corporations face. To begin the work in your digital security, you have to be clear on your operation characteristics and which are the risks that you are exposed to. Protecting your client’s information and, of course, yours, is vital.

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4. Improve internal communication in your company

Offering your employees effective tools to communicate is very important nowadays, we recommend investing in collaborative work software like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana or  TeamViewer Meeting (formerly Blizz). These tools can help you to have more control on daily tasks and are designed to provide a fluid and easy communication through chats and video conferences.

It is no secret that remote work has been growing rapidly since the COVID-19 pandemic, and workers are happy developing their tasks from home. In fact, according to research that detected that millennials do not want to go back to the offices, and they would prefer a hybrid and flexible work mode. Adapting to the new work dynamics will be fundamental to improve your productivity and also to save money.

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5. More technological power

Equipment will be more potent in the upcoming years, it will have more memory, charging capacity, resolution amongst other improvements. In addition to this, networks will be strengthened, we are seeing the 5G technology taking over the world, and 6G will be a reality very soon. 6G is the sixth connectivity generation, and it will replace 5G with a more speedy connection. Get ready!

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6. Blockchain technology

Every day, more companies get interested in implementing blockchain technology, which is transforming the world. This innovation goes beyond cryptocurrencies, through its use of disruptive innovations like smart contracts which, for example, allow us to verify the ownership of a property.

Blockchain could be defined as a giant book filled with registers that are linked between each other, every single one of them is encrypted which offers security to the information. To make it work, several users (nods) should verify and validate each transaction, registering it in the giant ‘book’. This technology can help decentralize different activities like banking, for instance.

Tell us in the comments, and don’t hesitate in scheduling an appointment with us if you need tech advice.


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