Remote Work in Costa Rica telecommute

Remote Work in Costa Rica: The Best 6 Places to Telecommute

2 Nov, 2021

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Pura vida! Work remotely from Costa Rica and enjoy this paradise

Due to the covid pandemic, remote work in Costa Rica has become a very accepted and normal option in both the public and private sectors. In addition, the Costa Rican Government has promoted a bill to encourage digital nomads to visit the country and apply for a Costa Rica remote work visa, and think about it: You are about to take a break from your remote job and, you don’t know whether to choose between staring at the sea or going for a snack with fresh tropical fruits. Remote working from paradise is now a possibility and, in this article we will tell you why Costa Rica is one of the best destinations to work remotely.

Before the covid-19 pandemic, many people were not aware of the possibility of teleworking, but with this new normality, it opens up the opportunity to travel and get to know new places without taking up your holiday days. Wonderful!

In recent years, digital nomads have emerged as freelancers who have adapted their lifestyles so they can travel while they work. There are even some countries where you can get a freelancer visa or digital nomad visa. But, this new reality now allows many more workers to do their jobs from wherever they “feel like it.”

Before we show you some reasons why Costa Rica is one of the best destinations to start your life as a digital nomad, let’s learn a bit about being a remote worker.

What is remote work and How does it work?

Believe it or not, remote work or working from home has been around since the 60’s. However, many employers did not see it as a feasible option for the productivity of their organizations. Nevertheless, everything changed with the arrival of the covid pandemic and it was a great time, since we now have digital tools that allow us to work as if we were in an office. At our company Access Point, we are experts in connecting your staff wherever they are, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to give your staff the opportunity to telework.

Currently, 67% of the world’s workforce has turned to home office, and 39% of companies will consider implementing remote work on a permanent basis according to a study by Adobe Forrester. The advantages of remote working are very attractive: it is a great way to save money on gasoline, avoid vehicle deterioration and wasting time in traffic, plus it means cost savings for employers.

Why is Costa Rica an ideal place for remote work?

Before falling in love with Costa Rica, we want to tell you how easy it will be for you to work from this beautiful Caribbean country.

Interconnectivity in this Central American country is well developed and there is now access to connectivity in most parts of Costa Rica.

At Access Point, we help a variety of clients in the tourism industry who have dream facilities and a deluxe internet connection that will make sure you don’t miss out on anything that is going on in your work.

Now that you know that the connection process won’t be a problem in this country, we tell you why it’s the best destination for working remotely.

1. Beautiful beaches

Costa Rica is a privileged land, located in the heart of Central America, where you will have access to both Pacific Ocean beaches, ideal for surfing, and Caribbean beaches, with turquoise seas and white sands, about 600 beaches surround the whole country. Enjoy the sea!

2. Biodiversity

In Costa Rica you will find a wide range of wildlife, among the most striking activities that you will only find here, is the spectacular “arrival” of sea turtles. These curious creatures come to lay their eggs on different beaches and guarantee their next generations come. This is certainly a beautiful event that attracts the attention of everyone. On the other hand, the varieties of frogs and toads that can be found, of sizes, colors, and shapes that you wouldn’t even imagine, are incredible. So if you are passionate about nature, this is one of the best countries to be working remotely.

3. Landscapes you will never forget

It seems incredible, but in Costa Rica you will be able to work while enjoying natural wonders such as volcanoes, rain and cloud forests, waterfalls, and several rivers. Adventures are the order of the day here. You can practice rafting, diving, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, and much more. Fun will be a very important component of your stay in the country, no doubt about it.

4. Costa Rican culture and weather, a breath of peace

People are known for their kindness here, making friends will not be difficult. The mild weather in San José, its capital, will surely make you feel in paradise. You will certainly find a wide gastronomic offer that will please your tastes with local dishes such as gallo pinto, ceviche, or tamal de cerdo; and with excellent exponents of international haute cuisine.


What are the best places to work remotely in Costa Rica?

We offer you excellent recommendations of places for remote work in Costa Rica, where you can stay and enjoy an unforgettable time while enjoying the best Internet service.


telecommute Costa Rica Gilded Iguana hotel

1. Gilded Iguana, one of the best places to work remotely

If you are passionate about surfing, this is the place for you. Lovers of this sport and other disciplines such as yoga recommend this beautiful hotel, ready to guide you in all the adventures you want to undertake. Gilded Iguana has access to one of the most famous beaches in the region among tourists: Playa Guiones. Here, you will find different adventure experiences that will guarantee an unforgettable stay. All without disconnecting you from your daily tasks.


digital nomads costa rica Bodhi Tree hotel

2. Bodhi Tree, great place to stay as a remote worker

If you are looking to relax in the midst of your remote work days, Bodhi Tree is the ideal destination for you. This Yoga specialized resort is located in the middle of nature, and it will give you a renewing experience, where you can live among wild animals, wake up to meditate, exercise and enjoy. All while enjoying the beautiful symphony of the jungles. We guarantee that you will have no connection problems in this little paradise.


Co working space Harmony hotel

3. Harmony, a perfect place for Coworking

A co working space with the perfect combination of luxury and personal care, all from a very modest point of view. Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Harmony is the right place if you want to practice surf, as its nearby beaches have incredible waves. Take a new adventure on your remote work breaks.


Remote Work in Costa Rica remote worker Cayuga hotel

4. Cayuga, for digital nomads and planet-lovers

This place is created for those looking for a more sustainable world. If one of your conditions for being a digital nomad is to not leave a large ecological footprint in the process, this is the ideal place for you to stay. This five-star hotel has everything that remote professionals need to not only work remotely without any problems, but also to relax and have a renewing experience surrounded by the best of Costa Rica.


remote professionals arenas del mar hotel

5. Arenas del mar, sandy beach and sea to order

Stay close to the beach, enjoy the sand and the waves in this resort with incredible views and the famous Manuel Antonio National Park right beside it. It will allow you to have adventures every day, without leaving the luxuries that you deserve aside.

6. Kurá, a unique experience

An adults-only boutique hotel located in the Uvita forest. This exclusive destination has 8 suites and a minimalist design. From here, you’ll get some of the best views of your life while enjoying your privacy and the best possible service. And although its location is exclusive and very close to nature, Access Point is in charge of keeping this resort fully connected to the network. It is an ideal place for a romantic getaway without any doubt.

What you need in order to succeed while working remotely

Be comfortable with flexibility:

If you tend to need a lot of guidance or people supervising your work, being a remote worker is likely to become a nightmare for you. It is important that you’re aware of your tasks, organize your time, and communicate effectively with your team members.

In addition to this, it is ideal that you have digital tools to make your life easier. Access point recommends you to download apps such as Slack, Trello or Google Inbox to stay connected with your teams. The Google suite will allow you to have access to different tools such as Tasks, to manage your tasks, Google calendar, to organize your day, Meets, to hold meetings, and Docs, which will allow you to develop deliverables in a variety of files.

As you know already, there are several benefits of working remotely in Costa Rica, and it has the best places where you can do work related activities while living and enjoying the nature and culture of the Costa Ricans.

Are you ready to start your adventure in the digital nomadism world? Do you know any remote jobs in Costa Rica ? Tell us in the comments!


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