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6 ways to improve your company’s Internet speed

2 Oct, 2021

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Before learning how to improve your company’s Internet speed, you need to understand some related concepts.

What is Internet speed?

Internet speed is the highest amount of data that can be transmitted per second through a line or cable, and it may vary depending on the features of such line or cable. Internet speed is measured in bits per second (bps). For example, if the data being transferred is equal to 100 megabytes and Internet speed is 1 mbps, the transfer will take 10 seconds.


How to improve your Internet speed

What is bandwidth and why is it important?

Bandwidth is a measure of the speed at which data is transferred from one point to another. There are 2 types of connections: wired and wireless, and this determines the amount of bandwidth that you can use. A wired connection has a higher bandwidth than a wireless connection as it uses a physical cable to connect to the Internet instead of radio waves that have a more limited range.

When it comes to modern data storage and transmission, bandwidth becomes crucially important. This is what determines the speed at which information can be exchanged. The next time you are on a long distance call and the signal cuts out at times, you will be experiencing the effects of a poor bandwidth.

A company’s Internet speed plays a key role in its success. It can determine how quickly a company can classify search results, how quickly an email will be delivered, and how quickly users will be able to access a website, just to name a few examples. While there are a number of factors that contribute to a company’s Internet speed, there are several ways in which you can enhance your Internet connection.

How do you know if your company has a good Internet connection?

If you would like to learn how to test the connection speed of your company or home, we encourage you to read our article called “How to test your Internet speed” in which we go through the necessary steps to perform an Internet speed test. We will be ready for the next step as soon as we know what the real speed is based on the results of the Internet speed test.


Tips on how to improve company Internet speed

How do I improve your company’s Internet connection?

If you are asking yourself this question, you are in the right place. Today, at Access Point, we will give you a complete checklist that you can follow to make sure that you optimize your company’s Internet connection. And we all know that the less connectivity errors you have, and as long as your system stays online 24/7, your company’s productivity can increase exponentially.

But before you start, we recommend that, as a first step, you perform a diagnosis of the status of your hardware and software, so that you know what are the conditions that are causing the speed of your internet connection to be less than optimal. Access Point supports you in this process, providing not only a diagnosis, but also recommendations and installation, maintenance, and consulting services.

Don’t wait any longer, follow this checklist and discover how to improve your company’s Internet connection!

  1. A basic tip for small businesses is to always reboot the router or computer when no equipment can connect to the Internet. This first step will allow you to realize if it is not just about a simple issue.
  2. Consider your router’s location. Make sure it is in a place where no object is blocking it, an open space so that the signal is better distributed. Make sure the antennas are well placed, and if this does not work, you may consider the possibility of acquiring a new router.
  3. Before setting your wireless network up, check where you will install it and see how many access points you will have available. Does this sound complex to you? Contact us! We can help you.
  4. Update the router’s firmware, sometimes the slow service may simply be due to a lack of router updating. Keep in mind that access points and antennas must correspond to the number of users connected to this source.
  5. Safety first! In order to keep your information safe and prevent viruses or malicious attacks from entering your network, enable one network for company visitors and a different one for staff members.
  6. Nothing works? As a last option you can restore your router to the initial factory settings. In this case, all the configurations you have set will be erased and you will have to set them again, but that could solve the problem!

Why is it important for your organization to have a good internet connection?

If you improve your business internet connection and upgrade from a traditional internet service to a corporate service, you will get a higher bandwidth and better connection speed. Did you know that traditional internet services have “peak times”? Yes! As you might guess, those are the times when the connection of devices to the internet increases. This is reduced when you have a business internet connection. You can prevent this from happening by getting a totally private connection.

Do you want to know how to achieve this? Schedule an appointment with us!

As if this was not enough, having a business Internet service will allow you to reinforce the security of your connection, minimizing the threat of viruses or other risks that may affect the computer security of your employees, customers, and the valuable information that you store on your devices.

Are you ready to improve your company’s Internet connection speed? Let us know if you followed these tips and they worked for you.



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